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The Essential Series - Lume Gel Nail System

The Essential Series is everything you need for a perfect set of nails. Designed for applying over the existing nail bed for strength and shine. The same products professionals use but designed to be easy enough for anyone to use!

Price: $125.00

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Lume' Deluxe Gel Nail System - A great gift idea!

Now comes in a FREE handy carrying case!

The Deluxe Nail System is the Essential System plus so much more! Along with the hand carrying case you receive everything needed for extending your fingernails immediately. Recieve Sculpture gel for a natural nail tip when extending with gel. Includes forms to aid in this process. Also receive Nail silk for repairs and extra strength for a more active individual. For more details click on the link above.

Price: $155.00

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The Bonding Lamp
The attractive Lume' bonding lamp sets the standard for bonding lamps in the nail gel industry. Lume's patented lamp is unique because of its internal reflective cavity. This feature allows the nail to be cured from all angles, eliminating the possibility of dead spots in the curing process. Uncured gel will quickly lift from the nail and can cause irritation. With the Lume' Bonding Lamp, curing is uniform, consistent and complete.

$ 63.00

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Purple File, 1 Doz
All purpose file. The 100 side is very good for filing gel down. The 180 grit is less coarse and can be used to etch the nail or shape.

$ 21.00
$ 18.50 
2 Doz.
$ 42.00
$ 35.00
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