With Lume', light bonded professional nail technology
has finally come your home.

The process involves the light bonding of the Lume' Gel Base Coat directly onto the natural nail using Lume's specially designed bonding lamp. This lamp emits a specific, safe, long wave ultraviolet frequency.

Exposed to this light, the gel bonds to the nail, forming a strong, durable coat. Special bonding agents in the Lume' Gel Base Coat ensure a permanent bond that resists lifting and provides resilience as well as maximum adhesion.

Unlike many other so-called nail beautifiers and strengtheners that tend to peel and quickly wear off, the Lume' gel formulation actually bonds to the natural nail, giving it strength and a fresh, lustrous appearance.

The Lume' Gel Top Coat, which is applied over and bonds to the Gel Base Coat, is converted by the bonding lamp into a shiny, durable, protective coating. This gel has been formulated to give nails strength and shape while making them beautifully glossy.

Basically, that's how the Lume' Natural Nail System works. Other products to complete the Lume' gel application are supplied in the system- items such as Nail Sanitizer, Gel Cleanser, brushes & brush rests, files, a cuticle stick, treatment pads, Solar Shade ® finish coat solution, an application instruction booklet and a step- by-step application video.

Nail Care Technology For A New Age!

Light bonding is a proven technology.

First commercialized in Europe in the 1970's, the process has been used with exceptional results in a variety of industries. Having proven itself to be both safe and effective, light bonding is evolving into a billion dollar industry.

When this exciting process made it's debut in the beauty industry as a professional salon product, it became a quick success among the few who could afford the time and expense of regular salon visits.

For nails, the light bonding process involves the adhesion or bonding of a polymer gel to the natural nail surface through exposure to a specific frequency of ultraviolet light. The high viscosity gel is transformed into a hard, durable, protective coating. Now this exciting advanced technology is available to you from Lume'.

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